University of Healing

The University of Healing qualifies for exclusion pursuant to California Education Code (CED) PP94739(b)(c) and has current status - UNI State School Code Number 371 2121 - as a nonprofit religious educational corporation under the Corporations Code. The University of Healing is not a California private post-secondary educational institute as that term is defined in California law. The nonacademic University of Healing correspondence college is accredited by God Unlimited, a church of meditation, teaching and healing. The University of Healing confers theological degrees upon its graduates.

The philosophy of the University of Healing is founded on the premise that all creation and the creator is ONE. All creation and the creator have all within, in other words, all is god and god is all. Creation is all of god as god is all of god and god is all creation. Creation may accept the responsibility to be all of god. All of god and it can never change its reality. Through conscious choice creation may accept that it is all of god and it fulfills its purpose of existence, which is to remember who and what it is.

There are three non-academic correspondent colleges defining the movement of awareness to this reality. (Click here for Syllabus for in depth course details)

Undergraduate College, The Art and Science of Wholeness, moves individual thinking from being human to being aware of its divine self.
Graduate College, Song of the Spirit, lifts the veil of confusion of the relative world and inspires inner illumination revealing illimitable possibilities.
Post Graduate College, Illumination, Handbook of Ascended Masters, lets the spirit soar into its ultimate purity and wholeness recognizing every being it sees as a Master.
Founded Upon Principle

The founder of the University of Healing built this philosophy on principle. This includes Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, American Indian, Greek, Roman, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and an infinite variety more.  The University encourages us to recognize our divinity. Consistent with all great teachers recommending that we know and express our greatness and in so doing live life to its fullest here and now.

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