Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary

The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary is named in honor of a pioneer in the religious arena.  She has set the stage by her life and ministry for an innovative approach to preparing men and women to minister effectively in today's world.  Those of us who share in her vision are convinced that we cannot continue to "do" church in the same ways that we have in the past.  However, to do it differently, we must train leaders who are risk takers and trendsetters.  These are people who are able to think outside of the box.

Additionally, the message of Practical Christianity is one of the best kept secrets around.  It is time for the secret to be shouted from the roofs and within the halls of academia.  Such subjects as Allegorical Interpretation of the Bible and Spiritual Healing have been left to skeptical speculation.  Yet their roots go deep into the history of Christianity and continue to be practiced within the New Thought Christian Movement.  This institution will produce a methodology that meets the critical standards of scholarship and equips qualified practitioners. This catalog opens the door to learning for many people, from many places.  It brings together like-minded people who sincerely desire to learn and grow - those who feel called to minister to people in the new church, which will establish empowerment centers throughout the world.

The Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary is an accredited member of the Accrediting Commission International. ACI, the world's largest non-government related accrediting association, is not connected with any  State Department of Higher Education or the U.S. Department of Education.  All credits are transferable to the other 316 members of ACI.

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