International School of Applied Metaphysics Sciences (ISAMS)

International School of Applied Metaphysics Sciences (ISAMS), a Singapore based organizaton, offers certification programs in the study of natural sciences and traditional healing systems. These programs allow student to discover and learn the Natural Science Studies and Practices which dates back Primordial Ancient Period with the support of scientific evidence. This internationally-registered, interactive learning program focus on scientifically sound and evidence-based studies on how the mind influences time, space and matters around us. Many established and acclaimed scientists attest to such experimental phenomenon.

The ISAMS international academy is supported by Transcendental Connection which is registered in USA. The academy focus in research and practice of metaphysics healing principles which span a wide range of disciplines. Due to the fact that our students research and practice the metaphysical principles on what they learnt in the school for health daily, it is termed Applied Metaphysics. We are termed Applied Metaphysician Researchers. There are no masters labelled nor belief in fortune telling. All foundation of the sciences are based on Quantum Fractal Scaling Sciences, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics.


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