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Metaphysics for Life (MFL) by Ilana Moss states that Metaphysics is both the theoretical and practical exploration into the nature of life and the Universe, and it calls Metaphysics the cutting edge science being applied to everyday life. Indeed we can find a lot of comprehensive information about metaphysical topics on this website. As Ilana Moss said, advances in science and technology continue to expand our ability to perceive, understand, and utilize the many forces and energies that were previously beyond the grasp of the human mind. And even though some of these forces may never be fully understood, they can and are being used for practical purposes such as healing, technology, and even spiritual awareness and growth.

Ilana Moss’ website provides contents in the following categories:

  • METAPHYSICS – The Study of the True Nature of Physical Reality. 
  • MIND – Mind Over Matter 
  • BODY – Body Mind and Spirit 
  • HEART – The Spiritual Heart – Gateway to Spirit and Soul 
  • SPIRIT – The Metaphysics of Spirit 
  • SCIENCE – Metaphysical Science 
  • SCIENTISTS – Famous (and some Not So Famous) Scientists and Philosophers in Metaphysics 
  • LIFE – What Is Life? The Metaphysics of Life. 
  • HEALTH – Energy Healing – How non-physical energies create illness and health. 
  • MONEY – Your Mind On Money – How monetary systems affect body, mind and spirit. 
  • SCHOOLS – Metaphysical Schools and Universities offering training and degrees. 
  • APPLIED METAPHYSICS – Learn to apply metaphysics to your everyday life. 
  • PHILOSOPHY – The Philosophy of Metaphysics – the mind attempts to understand itself. 
  • EPISTEMOLOGY – The True Nature of Knowledge T
  • HEOSOPHY – The True Nature of Human Belief in Spirit or God. 
  • ANTHROPOSOPHY – Knowledge of the True Nature of Man 
  • COSMOLOGY – The Big Bang Theory. Mayan Cosmology and 2012. 

You may find that as you study, learn, and apply the knowledge, you will begin to gain a much greater understanding of the the true nature of your own mind, body, emotions, and even the spirit or energy that courses through all that you experience and perceive.


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