Falun Dafa - Cultivating Universal Principles

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a traditional Chinese meditation method and self-cultivation system which improves health, relieves stress, creates harmony, and promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment.  First introduced to the public in 1992, it rapidly gained worldwide acceptance. An estimated 100 million people in more than 60 countries now practice Falun Gong, with many reporting dramatic improvements in health and a deepened spiritual awareness. Falun Gong is based on the universal principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

The teachings of Falun Dafa are non-religious and use simple exercises, meditation, and development of one's 'eart/Mind Nature'(xinxing). The focus of Falun Dafa practice is the mind, with the cultivation of one’s mind and thoughts, or “Xinxing,” being singled out as the key to increasing Gong energy. The height of a person’s Gong is directly proportionate to that of his Xinxing. The concept of “Xinxing” encompasses the transformation of virtue (a white form of matter) and karma (a black form of matter). It also includes forbearance, discernment, and abandonment—that is, forsaking ordinary human desires and attachments, and managing to endure the most trying of ordeals. Much is encompassed by the concept. Falun Dafa cultivation practice is suitable for all ages. All Falun Dafa activities are always free of charge.

Website: http://www.falundafa.org/

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