College of Metaphysical Studies

The primary purpose of CMS is to train and educate prospective leaders for metaphysical ministries and schools through Distance-Learning or On-campus Training. Those persons not planning to become metaphysical practitioners, but who only wish to pursue a solid self-improvement program and acquire an excellent education in metaphysics and the spiritual sciences, are also encouraged to attend in a degree or non-degree

CMS bases its curriculum on the truth disclosed by a careful analysis of Metaphysics and the Truth revealed in faith that can be applied and interpreted to meet the challenges of the new millennium. CMS teaches a living spirituality which recognizes and assimilates the contributions and revelations of the sciences and all living faiths of the world. The courses are for the most part, a compilation of many metaphysical/religious/spiritual authors of their times. The information contained in our courses simply states the established facts and allows the student to progress further with a solid foundation and a better understanding. CMS urges each student to question as you progress and accept only that with which you feel comfortable.



CMS offers non-secular degree programs not accredited by U.S. Department of Education.  CMS is a Not-For-Profit 501C3 corporation and is authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Non-Secular Division, Florida Department of Education to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in metaphysics, religion, spiritual awareness, spiritual and holistic healing, esoteric studies, parapsychology, and the entire allied metaphysical field. CMS trains and certifies ministers, spiritual and holistic healers, teachers, pastoral counselors, mediums, intuitive practitioners, past-life regression facilitators and administrators. Certification is by the New Awareness Ministries, International (NAMI). Certification by NAMI does not indicate certification or licensing by any Florida state agencies.


The College of Metaphysical Studies is the educational division of New Awareness Ministries International, a metaphysical ministry founded to bridge the gap between New Age, New Thought, and Traditional group.

New Awareness Ministries International (NAMI)
The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS)
The Temple of Light Spiritual Center (TOL)
The International Institute for Holistic Arts & Sciences (IIHAS)

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