University of Sedona

The University Of Sedona is a private, post secondary, distance learning, theological school operating under the auspices of the International Metaphysical Ministry. IMM is a non-profit, religious exempt organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. The curriculum is strictly non-secular and theological in nature. Students are prepared for Ministerial and other related careers in the holistic, New Thought branch of Metaphysical Theology.

Become a Doctor, Counselor, Life Coach, Healing Practitioner of Ministry through distance learning with the world’s largest metaphysical university system with students represented in 65 countries. Self paced Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degree programs for accelerated completion. Transcendental Christology, Theocentric Psychology and Holistic Wellness Ministry since 1959. The coursework includes a synthesis of holistic, metaphysical transcendent, esoteric, transpersonal, psychical, psychological, yogic and mystical lessons blended masterfully together, to be applied in practical ways to improve individual lives society, and humanity.


University Founder

Dr. Paul Leon Masters is the founder of University of Metaphysics, University of Sedona, and the universities' parent body organization IMM.  Dr. Paul Leon Masters' metaphysical teaching institution is one of the oldest and well established metaphysics schools in America.  As a metaphysics educational leaser, Dr. Masters presides over the largest worldwide student body in Metaphysical Doctoral Level Education. Dr. Masters has deservedly earned recognition as the world's foremost teacher of Metaphysical Doctors, Teachers, and Ministers. He has vast expertise in researching the spiritual heights and potentials of mind and spirit - gained from over half a century of full time work in the field of Holistic, New Thought Metaphysics and Ministry.

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