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Joe Vitale, star of "The Secret" DVD, is called Dr. Vitale in the film.  He indeed holds Doctor of Metaphysical Science, a non-secular degree from the University of Metaphysics.  Joe Vitale calls himself Mr. Fire on his website where he introduced spiritual marketing.  He is among the few who understand the Law of Attraction in spiritual level; more importantly, he is able to practice the law successfully in life fro real results, - money and fame.  Joe has a lot to teach about holistic prosperity, - more money, new career, better health, loving relationships. Joe, famous story is that 30 years ago he was broke, desperate and living on the street. Through a series of odd “coincidences”, he found his inner calling and has gone on to great fame and success, along with several best selling books. One of the top copywriters in the world, and one of the most successful, and respected, marketers in the world.

According to Succeed Magazine, Joe Vitale is one of the five top marketing specialists in the world today and is known to his readers, customers, and seminar attendees as the world's first hypnotic writer. Joe is also a certified hypnotherapist, a certified metaphysical practitioner, a certified Chi Kung healer, a certified Reiki Master, and an ordained minister. He also holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and another doctorate degree in Marketing. Joe is also a proud member of the National Speakers Association. Joe has numerous websites, books, tapes, free articles, guest columns, and more. Overall he is a highly productive entrepreneur, an icon of success. 

Info Matrix - Quick Facts
Persons & Credentials  Joe Vitale, MscD University of Metaphysics ( non-secular)
Core Concepts  Law of attraction, spiritual marketing, hypnotic marketing
Business Model  Life/success coaching, book publishing, public speaking
Products / Services Miracles Coaching Program
The Attractor Factor, The key, and other books
Organizations  Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., P.O. Box 2924 Wimberley, TX 78676
Lists & Ranking  Feathered in The Secret

Dr. Joe Vitale created the Miracles Coaching Program, which helps people achieve their dreams by understanding the deeper aspects of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Right Action. Joe is the also the author of many best-selling books, including "The Attractor Factor", "Life's Missing Instruction Manual", "The Key", "Zero Limits" and his latest "Attract Money Now". He's also recorded many audio programs, such as "The Awakening Course", "The Missing Secret" and "The Secret to Attracting Money".


Main Website: Mr. Fire - containing articles, newsletters, and free ebooks, as well as other websites affiliated with Joe's business and practices.

There used to be a Wiki page to cover all details of Joe Vitale's background, but it seams removed now:

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