International Metaphysical Ministry

The I.M.M. oversees two private, post secondary, non-secular, religious New Thought Universities. The Universities specialize in self-paced Home Study / Distance Learning programs. Programs range from the Ministers / Bachelors level through the Doctoral Degree Level. The I.M.M. provides quality controls over the University’s educational programs. This guarantees that all I.M.M. Ministers and Graduates have received the same solid foundation and have achieved a personal understanding of New Thought Metaphysics commensurate to their Degree Level.

The I.M.M., in the tradition and spirit of the New Thought Movement, grants the maximum independence allowed by law to its ministers, graduates and members. This allows them the freedom to minister and teach according to their individual and unique insights, understandings, and talents. The one provision is that the basic metaphysical teachings of the organization and its founder continue to be an integral part of what is shared with the public.


Metaphysical Broadcasts from IMM 

Each week, all through the week, this website present a Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Inspirational broadcast featuring Dr. Paul Leon Masters, founder of the world's oldest and largest Metaphysical University System. These broadcasts offer  Metaphysical Spiritual and Inspirational insights on extraordinary topics.  The broadcasts are available in video and audio forms.  Past broadcast records may be purchased from this site.   In addition, this site also provides free weekly affirmations and daily mini-consultation and meditation.


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