The Healing Codes - Alex Loyd

Alex Loyd, PhD, ND, is the founder of "The Healing Codes", a company dedicated to natural healing. He has written an Amazon best-selling of the same name, and holds doctorates in naturopathic medicine and psychology. It is well documented that stress causes 80 to 95 percent of all illness and disease, but in 2001, Dr. Loyd discovered a simple, physical mechanism that eliminates stress in the body. This was the beginning of "The Healing Codes". Thousands of global clients have reported healing by using this process. You take nothing, the treatment is non-invasive, and there's no diet or exercise. Instead, the mechanism works like 'a hidden fuse box' in the body to produce results.

Contact: 1-800-516-3040
40 W. Nine Mile Rd. #2, Box #366|, Pensacola, FL 32534

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