Body Mind Spirit Directory

Although the site headline of Body Mind Spirit Directory claims coverage of  conscious living, holistic health, natural healing, spirituality and  green resources, it is mainly a geographical based directory for practitioners (healers, coaches, etc.) across U.S. states and cities.  The comprehensive categories are provided in the home page but they are not hyper-linked. The Expo page provides handy info for recent events on body-mind-spirit related interests.

This site's profits are from home page's Google AdSense and Google Search.  Since the directory categories are not hyper-linked on the home page, users are likely to click AdSense links or use the AdSense Search box to find info. 

For those who are interested in building metaphysics directories, this site may be studied as an example of geographical based, practitioners centered directory.  It seems this site was built early using non-standard web technologies.  Both presentation and functionality are less perfect. The no-link category design in home page  is a big drawback.


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